Agri-media research solutions

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Our study uniquely offers a transparent and reliable overview of the demand and supply side of the online agrimedia and the main trends.

In order to better serve our customers needs and fill every information gap in this sphere, we have wide consultation with the decision makers of suppliers of the significant input materials and with independent agricultural and online media experts. We are inclined to cover all related questions and serve a basis for all who deal with marketing concerning agriculture during the online media planning and who consider the return of their communicational costs. 

We pay special attention to bring mediums on the same platform- clearing the main concepts in order to interpret the data in the media offers, presenting widely the different data sources. We initiate consultation with media owners in relationship with the data about themselves originating from external sources. We analyze the demand side by introducing and verifying relevant domestic and international trends, and conduct CATI research for the still uncovered areas.